Sustainable work practices

Respect for people, the environment and society.

High quality in every respect

Anyone who provides high-quality solutions needs to set the bar high in every respect. We don't see people, the environment and society separately from our work principles: in everything we do, we consider the impact we have.

This contributes to building a better world and to a team of staff who enjoy working for us (for a long time). And you'll notice it.

We design and develop our packaging machines with durability in mind. Think of key benefits such as a long service life, lower energy consumption and reduced maintenance costs.

We have installed solar panels on our factory, offices and even our internal transport to make them completely zero-energy. Above all, we fully compensate our gas consumption.

Our people are our greatest asset. That's why we find it important that they can count on excellent facilities, social programs and career training opportunities. We pay close attention to the the work-life balance of our staff, which has led to low absenteeism and staff turnover.

We are constantly looking for energy-efficient and innovative solutions that benefit our quality and efficiency. A good example is our assembly department, where everything now works digitally.

There's no such thing as waste in our view. We store all our ‘waste materials’ separately and have them removed by reputed waste processors who reuse what we throw away. We do this with plastic, paper, cardboard and metal, but also electronic equipment.